I didn’t intend to talk about football in this blog…

The way I’ve been feeling about club football in general, the retirement of so many great players and all the upheavals at Milan, I doubted I’d be blogging about football anywhere for a long while yet. But I’m so glad that my favourite active player (he’s tied with Maldini but that bugger is happily retired) has been so warmly welcomed by Montreal Impact’s management, players and fans.


Everyone, their brother, half uncle on their mum’s side and great grandmother had an opinion on Nesta moving to the MLS.

Most Milanisti, myself included:

It was a tragedy. Alessandro Nesta had been our Minister of Defense for ten years and we wanted this blissful state of affairs to continue until he hung up his boots for good, dammit!

Some MLS Fans:

Nesta now! They wanted our defender and probably had detailed plans to ambush him in Milan and carry him off to their home cities.

Some Milanisti (you know the ones, the ones who make our side look stupid):

They thought that the MLS should grovel with delight that Alessandro Nesta should condescend to waste his sweetness on it.

MLS fans and pundits had their own ideas. There’s a touch of defensiveness about aging foreign stars seeing the league as an extended cruise ship shuffleboard tournament into retirement. That’s only natural. They’re proud of their league and don’t want it cluttered up with players whose main interest is a final payday. Though, players interested in wealth and wooing are probably setting sail for Dubai rather than North America. And there’s a touch of smarmy, uninformed idiot about pundits like Alexei Lalas who couldn’t even make it at Padova. Padova! What was that about “old, done players,” Mr. Lalas? It’s been four straight wins now. Naturally, that’s not all on Nesta. Montreal Impact is a hungry and talented team with ambitions. But Nesta’s work ethic, his experience, his talent and his passion…that’s going to lift this team to a new level. Well done, Montreal Impact, Alessandro Nesta is in ur team, bossing ur defenz!

Watch God’s gift to defending being interviewed. Well, if you speak Italian or French: http://www.rds.ca/zone-video/#cat=en_vedette&videoID=112891


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